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Absence of You, a collection of poems by Sarah Elle Emm

Absence of You, a collection of poems, takes you through stages of love, from the first moments of falling, to heartache, to healing and growing. With Sarah Elle Emm’s simple, yet powerful, words and rhythm, venture through the ups and downs on this heartfelt journey.


Praise for Sarah Elle Emm’s poetry from her readers:


“There is a gentleness about Sarah’s writings.” ~Mischa


“Beautiful!” ~Maria


“Sarah’s poems touch my heart.” ~Rohini


“Heartfelt!” ~Francis


“I love everything she writes.” ~ Aaron


“Love the way she scatters words!” ~Amber


“Sarah’s poetry speaks to my heart.” ~Sharon


“Wow!” ~Janet


“Her poems pierce through the heart.” ~Jade


“Soulful!” ~Raj

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