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“I very much enjoyed this book. It is what I wanted out of the Hunger Games series. The protagonists are far more detailed in plans and actively constructing the future they are looking forward to. The writing is compelling and fast. The characters are pleasant and compelling to read about. Of course there is the compulsory love story, but it is well handled and not the sole focus of the main character like it is in so many books of this genre. This is one of the best dystopian teen fiction series I have read, and I read extensively in this genre.” ~Amazon Reviewer


“Waiting so impatiently for the next book in the series, definitely fulfilled everything I wanted (except for an ending; do I have to wait for the next book??) In all seriousness though, I really enjoyed this book, one of my favorite dystopian series ever. I love the characters, the plot is brilliantly written, and the ideas are amazing!” ~Sara Doyle, Goodreads Reviewer


“In the wake of The Hunger Games and the Twilight series, it seems that every book in the young adult section is constantly compared to these two pinnacles of modern story telling. I don’t wish to take anything away from either series, but I feel that too often we compare what is contemporary and popular to the new stories that authors are creating. This book likely falls into that category and it’s a shame. The rich world the Sarah Elle Emm creates is emotionally powerful, politically stimulating, and deftly creates parallels to the world that we currently live in in nearly every facet. It isn’t hard to see a future of this type being possible. This is one of the hallmarks of truly original and great fiction. I could wax on endlessly regarding the topics presented in this series, whether it be racial equality, the importance of family, or the political webs that politicians weave to ensnare, but I’d rather just say that this book is extremely well written, with a world fully realized and, most importantly, it has a soul. I lost myself in this series, and I’m thankful that the author had the ability to achieve this. I would recommend this book to anyone. This is one of those gems that transcends race, age and sex. Kudos to the author.” ~Amazon Reviewer


“A brilliantly uplifting book about the strength of human spirit and love over the worst of human nature and hatred, yet written in style which will appeal to, and with content which is suitable for, both young adults and adults alike. I recommend this book whole-heartedly for those parents who are looking for a book which can explain to their young adults what happens if you forget to learn from history and why if a community finds it easier to be silent and accept the decisions of politicians rather than stand up and fight for what is right extremists can come to power and exert their “manifesto”. My only regret (and it is a small one) is that the book ended with too many questions outstanding, but I shall just have to have patience and wait until 2013 for the sequel. In the meantime I hope my 12 year old son enjoys it as much as I have and perhaps it will help him with his History syllabus?” ~Claire, Goodreads reviewer


“Prismatic means brightly colored; iridescent, and this story shines. The characters come to life in full color and the emotional ups and down of being a teenager at a time of chaos and confusion glimmers to the surface.” ~Braxton Cosby, Author of The School of Ministry: The Windgate


“This book is AMAZING! Well at least I thought it was. Especially reading it as a multi “racial” person, it really struck a chord with me. It was a great look at a somewhat plausible dystopian future here in the US, (or should I say UTZA.) The characters were extremely well written and believable. True this series is young adult, but I would recommend these books to ANY fans of science fiction. As soon as I finished this book, I picked up the second one!” ~Mercy, Nerdvana Webcast Reviews


“While this particular novel takes place in a fictional 2050…author Sarah Elle Emm has presented us, in her character Rain, a worthy heroine. I was immediately embraced by this rough and tumble new world, found an immediate and fiery distaste for dictator Elizabeth Nicks, and was impressed not only in the world created by the author, but in her handling of some very mature topics that the story’s conflict is shaped around. The story-line is bold, the characters colorful, the dialogue easy. In its presentation, it is a pleasure to read with a stunning and effective cover. Ms. Emm takes into account her young adult audience, but by no means does she handle them with kid gloves. There is no condescending tone, no speaking down. The work is presented in a voice that will appeal to any age-bracket. (I had to fight my 12 year old daughter…go figure!) Prismatic, was an absolute joy to read that came to it’s conclusion much too soon. This is one reader who can’t wait for 2013 when the second novel will be released.” ~Poet, Natasha Head


“Loved it! Can’t believe I have to wait until Feb. 2014 for Book 3 – I’ll probably have to read the first two over again while I wait because they were intense and eye-opening, even though set in the future – but, I’m afraid I could see this happening – sadly, it’s the world we live in. Hitler tried & failed but who’s to say it won’t be tried again!!!” ~Donna, Goodreads Reviewer


“I love how smart Sarah Elle Emm’s writing is, she manages to write believable teens complete with feelings of new love and gut wrenching angst without it overpowering their smarts and personality. Not only does she so well, she does it while placing them in the midst of a dystopian future akin to WWII, only in many ways more extreme…” ~Nerdvana Reviews


“Sarah Elle Emm has done a remarkable job of bringing to life a very intriguing story. The writing is superb and I enjoyed getting lost in this tale. It is a bit scary to think that something like this could actually occur. That we could live in a world of severe segregation in a country ruled by some rich, racist jerk. Makes you wonder how much of real life influenced the tale. I look forward to seeing how things play out in Opalescent.” ~Amazon Reviewer


“I purchased this book from the author at a writer’s festival yesterday and I am glad that I did. Prismatic is one dystopian novel that I could not put down! The book is very well written and I look forward to reading more from Sarah Elle Emm. Fans of Divergent will love this book.” ~Amazon Reviewer


“…I really liked this book. I was amazed by the courage and strength that Rain had. I can not wait to read the next one…” ~Amazon Reviewer


“Really liked this book. It had many things in it that make you think what if. I also am a fan of paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, etc. so that was a plus. I also love romance and this book had that. Teenage love is so cute with the blushing and awkwardness. Very good read.” ~Amazon Reviewer


“…So we get to meet Rain, Daktari and Zi, all mixed teens who were taken from their homes and thrown in to the Indy Mixed Zone. I like all of them, I liked Rains spirit and strength, Zi was feisty and never gave up and Daktari was sweet and had such a caring nature. They all complemented each other. It was great watching them make it through everyday life in the hell they were thrown into just for being born. They were so strong and tried to not let it bring them down. A little bit into the story we get to meet sweet and swoony Jabari, Cole and Marcello. Jabari plays an important part in Rain’s life. It was like these two were destined to meet and make everything right. I mean, I really did like all the characters. Rain and Jabari were so good together, I don’t think the author could of made a better couple for this book…” ~Amazon Reviewer


“I love this series and I can't wait until the next and final book comes out later this year. This installment ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger and I can't wait to see what lead up to it. Something big is going to happen and I’m excited for it. Everyone should read this series it's amazing.” ~Justine, Goodreads Reviewer




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